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Aluminum - $ 2,278.00USD per to... - 0.81%
Copper - $ 6,860.00USD per tonn... + 1.12%
Zinc - $ 3,097.50USD per tonne + 0.56%
AluminumAlloy - $ 1,885.00USD p... + 2.92%
Lead - $ 2,359.50USD per tonne + 1.25%
Nickel - $ 14,610.00USD per ton... - 0.89%
Tin - $ 20,600.00USD per tonne - 0.24%

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Supply Chain Management Consultancy

E-EMDAD's Management Consulting services uncover and creates value across the organization silos and focus on uncovering our clients’ opportunities and critical issues. Our unique mix of Business Management (Consultation & Education) develop organizations, increase people engagement, leverage talents, build effective and efficient organizations, manage risks, delivers innovative way to improve customer service, reduce costs, and release cash flow.

Procurement assistance.

Procurement assistant is an e-Emdad tool that enables buyers to create their own wishlist of items to be procured via e-Emdad.com market place.

Firm procurement strategy & process customization.

Procurement solution helps companies simplify their purchase and payment for goods and services that result in streamlined paperless processes which improve organizational efficiency.

Marketplace for supply chain solutions.

Offering superior quality, large diversity and competitive prices.

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Conducted since 1931, WGC 2018 is the largest, most high-profile and significant global gas conference and exhibition. WGC 2018 will be the definitive gathering of influential leaders, buyers and sellers, policy-makers and experts from around the world. You will hear business critical insights and lively debates on the most topical issues facing the global gas industry today and in the future.
It is the first time ever that the World Gas Conference will be held in a country that is both the largest producer and consumer of natural gas.

Made In Qatar Exhibition 14 To 17 December 2017

Made in Qatar Exhibition 14 to 17 December 2017

In a bid to promote local products in domestic and international markets, Qatar Chamber (QC) is all set to organize a bigger ‘Made in Qatar’ exhibition under the patronage of the Emir His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani this year. The four-day exhibition beginning on December 14 will see the participation of more than 300 local companies representing various economic sectors. Small and medium sector enterprises (SMEs) will showcase their products during the exhibition too. The exhibition is aimed at promoting local products in the domestic market so that dependence on imports could be reduced.

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